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Darkest Angel Song List

1. Darkest Angel
2. Please Do Not Disturb
3. If I Die
4. Maybe in Montana
5. What’s Done is Done
Alter Ego or any of the individual songs are available on CD Baby and most other download sites or CD sales sites.  
You can also email me at for a discounted price on an autographed copy!  


Alter Ego Song List


1.  A Glimpse of Joy

2.  Why Did I do it?

3.  Angel of Dreams

4.  Going Down that Road

5.  I Feel the Heat

6.  The Scent of You

7.  Turn it Loose

8.  Redemption

9.  Don't be the One

10. You Never Know

11. Will You Give it Away

12. Yo-yo On a String

A Fait Accompli Song List
1. A Fait Accompli
2. I Should Have
3. Summer Blue
4. For Katya
5. Child
6. Up Against a Wall
7. Down to the River
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